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tv   News  ABC  July 14, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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hey, by the way, harford county look at spread from pilesville at 60. 62 in hickory and farv degrace milder at 66. sun and back to 85. we should account for at least a gusty breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour this afternoon. let's see what's happening on the roads with tonya. >> reporter: 70 eastbound at columbia pike, traffic is knowing. and okay southbound on harrisburg expressway. let's look at the jfx at northern parkway. volume building in both directions. but no delays just yet. it's early. we are doing fine at this point. in cockeysville, we have an accident beaver dam road and mccormick road. accident with injuries. several vehicles involved there. also, on the inner loop at harford road, a disabled vehicle. so be careful passing and debris on the road north point boulevard at the beltway. charley. >> thanks. tensions are running high over the debt limit. now the obama administration feels republicans are using political tactics to stall and
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republicans say the same. president obama plans again to talk to top congressional negotiators about raising the debt ceiling and that conversation will be again today. yesterday, he ended nearly a 2- hour debate the president did, saying "enough is enough" he rejected republican demands he accept a short-term extension of the government's borrowing authority. >> we do have to honor our debts. we have to fight very hard to make sure we don't have to make those kinds of choices. >> the obama administration warned a failure to raise the current 14.3 trillion dollar ceiling by august 2nd could tryinger's partial default. phillip's sea food is moving its location and today the cordish company will make an official announcement about the move. sherrie johnson joins us live from downtown baltimore with more on today's developments. sherrie. >> reporter: well, yes, we are here at the inner harbor just in front of phillip's seafood restaurant. it is scheduled to move across
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the harbor to the power plant formerly held by espn zone. later this morning, they will present the exterior plans and renovations for a new restaurant. they will present the information to baltimore city's urban design and architecture review panel. several weeks ago, the cordish company met with the baltimore development corporation to get three million dollars of rent breaks on the pier 4 power plant complex in exchange for making 6 million to 9 million dollars in improvements. it's in an effort to help keep existing tenants and attract new ones. phillip's restaurant owners announced they would close the location here at harbor place at the end of september. bubba gump shrimp company will replace phillip's next summer. the announcement is scheduled for 11:30 at the power plant location on east pratt street. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. this morning, chaos in a
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courthouse in tacoma washington. the whole hinge is caught on tape. corrections officers were bringing in a murder suspect for trial when friend of the victim rushed in and stormed past officers to attack the suspect. they threw him to the ground and started to stomp on his head. officers ended the fight and used tasteers to get everybody off -- tasers to get everybody off them. andyone was arrest-- and everyone was arrested. this is from cnn i reporter saying that it was petroleumlookry cants in plant in buffalo and the fire burned for more than 11 hours. 100 firefighters fought the majority of the fire and they had to let it go and let fire burn itself out. seven months after the inflatable roof came crashing down, the metro dome has a new lid. check out the time-lapse video of the roof going up yesterday. the vikings were forced to place elsewhere as part of the nfl season. but if a football season
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happens for 2011, it appears they will be able to play in the metro dome once again. daddy. >> seriously the video melts your heart. brad hoyt has not held her son in six mong. he has been deployed and his wife got the good news he was coming home early and decided to surprise their 3-year-old son. knees very much knew daddy was on a big ship and we had a calendar set up and every morning he would put a sticker up because he didn't have a concept of what a day or a month is. so he put a sticker up and it was circled when he left and when he was coming home. >> he will be home for nine months before leaving for another deployment. all right. don't you hate it when you get a call on the cell phone and don't recognize the number. >> do you answer? >> no. >> take one cell phone provide
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here wants to take away the guessing game a new feature for your phone but one we used to use all the time. potter fans rejoice. the muggles get ready. midnight shows across the country, the final chapter in the harry potter saga and it's not released every where yesterday, this movie is already setting records.
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now "good morning maryland." welcome back. a new study is shedding light on the people out there using their ipads. the university of missouri surveyed more than 500 ipad users couches and easy chairs and those areas appear to be the most commonplaces that respondent use the ipad for browsing. second, the bedroom. that 17%. and rounding out top five a
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breakfast or dining table and then at work and they can use the home office. t mobile is going where no major cell phone company has gone before. caller id. the service works like it doeson a land line identifying a caller's name even if they are not on the contact list. it's dubbed name id. and cost there it is. extra $4 a month. eager harry potter fans will be staying up late to see the final installment of the series harry potter and the deathly halos part 2. so it's earned 25 million bucks in advance ticket sales. some predict it could be have the best worldwide opening in film history. the current record holder harry potter and half blood prince took in 384 millions dollars when that opened. the harry potter films grossed 6.3 mckie billion and if you didn't have tickets to the midnight shows, you might have to wait a while.
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there's 19 theaters showing the film every single one of them is sold out. nine credible. >> it's going to be crowded. we are starting to care a little less each time we ask. >> sarh palin says hang on she will let us know her decision but not yet. and a neighborhood vandalized slashed tires and swastikas has neighbors on edge as police search for suspects. flight prices may be going up. it's not affecting business at the airport how many people flu in and out of bwi. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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now "good morning maryland." thanks for joining us thursday morning. this sur abc2 news to go i megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's get to it with meteorologist justin berk. >> the weather story of the day is how nice the weather is. i wanted to show outcoolest temperatures in the state check it out, the boardwalk people have been walking at 68 and
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rehob it and light rain -- rehobeth. wind 23 miles per hour and this could be a factor for some boating on the bay. big chop expected. and i think we may have a 3- foot chop in pourings of the open chess -- pourings of the open chesapeake. -- portions of the open chesapeake. 64 westminster. and it may take longer than 8 to get back to 706789 but we will get up to 80 -- 70. but we will get up to 80 to 85 with sunshine and pleasant wind. let's talk about the traffic with tonya. >> reporter: coming up from let's look at the jfx at cold spring. southbound traffic to the right of the screen no problems to report here. a few incidents to tell you about in cockeysville. an accident beaver dam road at mccormick road. several vehicles with jersey. another disabled vehicle-- injuries. another disabled 95 toll plaza on the left and debris north
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point boulevard at beltway. back to you. >> an emotional tribute for a tan. teen killed while trying to cross the -- for a teen killed while trying to cross the street. it happened this week. this morning linda so has more on her darkest hour. linda. >> reporter: well, kara mitchy is in critical condition. she will not be able to survive her injuries. she is being kept alive on a ventilator to donate herorgansch dozens of her friends gathered where they were hit by a car tuesday night. they paid tribute to the teens with songs and a candlelight vigil. the 17-year-old and her 19-year- old boyfriend sean william snyder were trying to cross ritchie highway when they were hit. it happened by the carnival at the fire station twhrem not in the crosswalk. -- station. they were not in the crosswalk. sean is in critical condition but hi condition has gotten worse since being taken there. kara will be able to save seven lives with her donated organs.
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>> she was the best person i knew kara would do good things in her life, and she is doing it with her organs now. >> reporter: anne arundel county police are working to put up more signs to alert drivers and pedestrian. no word if any charges will be filed against the driver. but officials say the driver was not speeding or drinking. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. a baby died after being thrown from a vehicle. it happened after a car crash in northeast baltimore. this happen in the 2700 block of the alameda at harford road last night. a man a 2-year-old and baby were all in the car. the baby was taken to the hospital but didn't survive. a high school graduate from perryville died in a cash crash near northeast. the car went off the road rolled several times. cory richardson passed away. 18-year-old stephen thornton was driving and 18-year-old brandy mcdaniel was a passenger and the two teens were hospitalized but they are
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expected to be okay star and gad waited from perryville high school last month. police are searching for a second suspect in the abduction of a boy from earlier this week. we have new information about the suspect that's behind bars. court documents indicate darrick brown fa father received --'s -- brown's father receive text messages and calls asking for more than $5,000 in ransom. they tracked the phone down to booker's home. booker said raheem taylor and two others planned to get money from brown. police are looking for taylor. this morning a man's behind bars charged with stabbing his wife to death. police say stephen salb attacked his wife yesterday morning and the two were going through a divorce. this is the daughter. you can see her arm wrapped in bandages because she was trying to save her mother's life early
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yesterday morning. she found out her mother and father were fighting cement died from the wounds. the man 18 years her senior stabbed her before her day care children would be showing up. a hate crime. police in montgomery county say 20 neighbors have car tires slashed and two vehicles were littered with hate graffiti. it was not just the cars but street signs as well. >> we are pretty angry. i am upset. i mean, i didn't go to work today. it's just not really fair. >> i think someone had to be really answeringry or really bored one -- angry or really bored one or the other. >> it blows me away there are people like that. >> if caught and convicted of a hate crime they could face up to ten years in prison. they face a 10,000 dollar fine. the son of washington's mayor marion barry was arrested on drug charges. this is file video of the
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former mayor. court documents released show his son marion christopher barry was taken into custody back in may. police say they discovered a vile of pcp and marijuana inside the young man's apartment. younger barry is charged with possession with intent to district of a controlled substance. he is due in court later this month on a preliminary hearing. a card ol just aciewftsd doing -- cardiologist accused of doing unnecessary heart procedures lost his license. st. joseph medical center released mark midei of his duety and told more than 350 patients he may have planted -- implanted unnecessary extents in their hearts. the actions were re's and serious so his license was revoked. he maintains that those allegations are false and his attorney says he may appeal the board's decision. an mta worker died of meningitis but doctors are saying none of us are at risk. the 46-year-old was hospitalized tuesday. the family is being treated as
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a precaution. the health department says this strain meningitis is not airborne. and no bus riders, rail riders or anyone in the public is at risk. form are alaska -- form are alaska governor -- form are alaska governor -- former alaska governor sarah palin said she will announce august whether she will run for president. she says she could win a campaign against barack obama. she says she would can pane with a -- campaign with a candidate not so oppressively part san. she is not saying -- partisan the she is not saying whether or not she is a candidate. passenger traffic at baltimore international airport bwi set another record. governor o'malley said wednesday that more than 2 million passengers traveled through bwi back in may that was an increase of almost 7% over may of 2010. and all time record for may.
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the airport has set monthly passenger records the past 12 of the 13 months they started counting. not thrilled about the proposed toll hikes we have been talking about? tonight is the last chance to speak out against this. they were originally five -- nine hearings and they were scheduled by the mta. however, they add one more. the meet-- added one more. the peteing -- meeting takes place tonight. if you want more information, head to amount bc2 news -- new enhanced lights have been installed at the linthicum station. anne arundel county executive will activate the lights later this afternoon. today you can gather to pay respects to long time car dealer bob bell. he died early sunday morning after apparently not feeling well for the last few weeks. along time auto dealer got the start in laurel before moving to the baltimore area and becoming a household name for
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ford, chevy, nissan keya buyers. he was 78 years old. a burial service will be held on thursday at the st. louis catholic church starting at 10 in the morning followed by a private burial. all right. so another local made their way on jeopardy. she was on last night's show and held her own and doubled her winnings in final jeopardy. she was not the big money winner. so you won't have a chance to see her again tonight. she went home with extra cash in her pocket. in all, she won about 4 grand. five things to know before heading out this morning on this thursday morning. the federal reserve chairman will deliver the second semiannual report on testimony on monetary policy. meanwhile, reports released include retail sales for june and weekly jobless claims. a hearing on capitol hill will discuss crude oil spills in montana. the oil was released from a silver tip pipeline in yellowstone county that spilled into the river. today a private national tribute service will be held
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for former first lady betty ford in grand rapids michigan. mrs. ford will be buried in a private ceremony next to her husband at the gerald ford museum. loved one also say bye tosergeant james hackamery. the 29-year-old father of two an iraq war veteran was thrown to his death while riding the ride of steel roller coaster. he lost both legs to a roadside bomb will be buried at arlington national cemetery. the crew plan to do more cargo hauling at the international space station. and they will kick back and relax nearly a week in orbit. atlantis will leave the space station next week. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> it's so nice outside, but
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this 66 in baltimore that's actually the normal low for the day. we dropped the dew points into the low 50s. and compared to the actual 80 degree temperature and 70 degree dew point yesterday morning, makes it feel that much cooler. an autumn feel to the air. 55 state college and 50 across great lakes. you can see we have basically carved out a lot of real estate across the northeast because of area high pressure. a heat and humidity to the south. high pressure sliding across the ohio valley great lakes and also this area low pressure spinning around the north end of the cold front. all helping to funnel the wind out of north. winds could be brings ink some spots. 10, 20 miles per hour could -- could add extra chop. and it brings down the canadian air and that's when we thank the canadians for giving us that gift. taking it closer. watch the future radar, and notice the clouds trying to build up during the afternoon hours especially for tomorrow. a hint of a northeastern wind
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and that's going more eastern. it will -- we will add more moisture. we go mostly cloudy in -- we could go mostly cloudy in spots. watch for the eastern wind. it drags cooler air off the ocean keeping them in the 70s and then saturday may turn out mostly cloudy and our clouds in the morning should give way topartly sunny afternoon. but it's about cooler temperatures and much more comfortable to be outside for most us. 85 today the two degree guaranteed high. but wind out the northeast 10 to 20 miles per hour. some higher gusts possible especially in the open waters and that may impact you boaters. tonight, temperatures back to about 606789 mid-60s downtown by the bay. 50s though inland. and for tomorrow, we will start off with ocean city 81. mostly sunny. and now the breeze turns to a wind out of the east. brings in clouds to them on saturday 70s and will 5 -- 85 on sunday and the water temperature about 72. back home we are looking for temperatures staying in the 80s but it will be comfortable a mix of clouds and sun through weekend and warming back with
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the heat and humidity that tonya loves so much. 90s returning by monday. >> reporter: i love that water temperature, though. i will jump in. 72 degrees. we are doing fine out there traveling the baltimore washington parkway southbound. you won't run into anything until you get down to 193. looking at the jones falls expressway, at the 41st streetover pass, no problems to report here. steady traffic with the usual volume heading southbound away from the camera. a few accidents cockeysville beaver dam road at mccormick. accident with injuries. several vehicles involved there. we have some disabled vehiclesinner loop at harford and 59 northbound at the toll plaza. at the toll plaza, it's on the left shoulder. there's a brief delay. also debris on the road north point boulevard at the beltway. so be careful traveling through there. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us on this thursday morning. >> all right. the british open now it's raining. >> i was watching it. >> it's raining. >> i told you.
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tightening wind. >> this is what he is doing. that's our -- that is what he is doing. >> it's news. >> see you in a bit. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virginia, where baltimore goes to get away. maybe it's because baltimore loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants.
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